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Friday, October 16, 2009

M-52: Chelsea and Manchester

Chelsea, Manchester

Two very different places on only one route; taking it requires the gleeful purchasing of all manner of merchandise and a suitably comfortable armchair from which you can yell obscenities at Andy Gray’s dissatisfactory analysis while texting your friends in smug triumph as you watch Lampard’s deflected winner in the 98th minute from every angle conceivable thanks to Murdoch Sports.

During your travels, you will buy players for immeasurable sums of money due to bank loans and handouts from Russian and American owners respectively, all the while getting away with murder on the pitch as referees are found blowing whistles with the appropriate club badge on them. Above all else, this route can only be undertaken once you have forsaken your own soul (as it is a toll road). This is the route to Chelsea and Manchester, with traffic at a stand still inbound towards the end of the season.

Picture courtesy of Waleeta en route to Canada.

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